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Energy Powder

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-100% natural & organic
-Zero added sugar/artificial sweetners
-No harmful chemicals present
-Suitable for all individuals

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Travelling back in ancient Indian medival times ie: atleast 5000 years ago ,Indian Kings & Queens lived a very healthy and a poised life with a high energy level . The secret behind this high energy level was that they used to consume some energy drinks that were created by Maharishis & Munis who had a good knowledge of all the natural herbs & ingredients . Consuming such energy drinks not only used to boost their energy levels but also used boost their metabilosm. Especially during wars ,such energy drinks were specially consumed by Kings & Queens to keep their energy levels boosted which also helped them to be more alert & conscious on the battlefield.

But today with faster-paced living and more emphasis on staying fit, our bodies crave a boost now and again, just to help us throughout the day. There are many ways we can boost our energy throughout the day. Opting for sugar laden, chemical and caffeine filled drinks will only give a short, unnatural burst of energy, wearing down our adrenal glands and contributing to serious long-term health problems.

So instead of reaching for that can of softdrinks, why not give your body a natural energy boost with these delicious pick-me-ups. D1HealthCares Energy drink will help you powering through your day without an energy crash! And with every refreshing sip of D1HealthCares Energy drink, you will feel your energy levels surge as its packed with all the natural & organic ingredients. Especially made for gymmers & youngsters this energy drink is suitable as it constituents are pure natural which provides Protein, Calcium, Dietary Fibers, Vitamins A & C, Iron, Amino Acids and many more.


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