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Delicious Topping

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-100% natural & organic
-Made from Apricot
-Handgrounded on khal batta
-Made from handpicked ingredients

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The term “Chaat ” is the Hindu word for “snack” and if you are a food connoisseur, or just enjoy Indian cuisine in general, then you may have heard the term “masala” used a lot. “Masala” simply translates to mix or spice in english. So together, “Chaat (Chat) Masala translates to snack spice, and it is exactly that. A delicious blend of spices that is typically sprinkled over popular Indian street food snacks, such as samosas, bhel poori, and paani poori.

The origins of Chaat Masala are spotted in several places of Indian history. A popular (yet unproven) tale is that in the 17th century, this spice was created in the royal kitchen of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. When he became ill, he was instructed to eat only lighter meals. To meet this need, the kitchen staff developed the famous Chaat Masala blend that we use in the kitchen today.

Chat Masala is known to tickle the taste buds of most Indians. This D1 HealthCares Delicious Topping Chat Masala originates from Himalayas, and has building its reputation among the street food of India.We have used a unique blend of spices in an effort to bring back the old legacy to make it a part of every Indian Cuisine. It has both sweet and sour taste. Zingy, tangy – this is the perfect seasoning for almost anything! Though often used as a spice in cooking HealthCares Delicious Topping Chat Masala is mostly used as a garnish on salads, chaats (a generic name for savory Indian snacks), drinks like Indian lemonade, meals like curries, dals, dry mixes, fried food, deviled eggs, popcorn… any kind of snack or dish you want salt added to – without the overbearing amount of salt – just flavor and nutrients. This D1 HealthCares Delicious Topping Chat Masala typically consists of apricot kennels,pink salt,mango kennels,garlic powder,mint,black pepper, ,trachysparmum & cayenne pepper . It can be used in all kinds of vegetable and fruit chats, salads, Kebabs, or as a seasoning.


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